Black & White or COLOR!

Scan and Fax

We offer a wide variety of scan and fax services that are designed to fit your needs with both ease and efficiency. With our scanning we can scan a document to an email or we can print a document from your email.

Document Printing and Copying

We provide crisp, laser-sharp monochrome and vibrant color printing and copying. If you need hard copies of your document, you may email them to us or bring them in on a USB drive.

Receiving Faxes with Mailbox Rental

Holders of private mailboxes with You Send Me may receive incoming faxes up to ten pages per day, for no extra charge. Important – incoming faxes must identify your mailbox number. Faxes are placed in mailboxes as they arrive. For larger quantities, or if you are not a mailbox holder, please see the price schedule below.

FAX Rates
Outgoing Domestic (per call)
$1.75 per page for the first three pages
$1.00 each pages 4 through 9
$0.50 per additional page
Outgoing International (per call)
$6.00 per page for the first page
$4.00 per additional page
Receiving (per call, without a mail box)
$1.00 per page for the first three pages
$0.50 per additional page